October 2000

Grant Awarded For Skyway Visitor's Center

U.S. Rep. John Duncan announced last Friday that the U.S. Department of Transportation, has awarded grants from the Federal Highway Commission to help build a Cherohala Skyway visitorís center in Tellico Plains.

The 3500 square-foot building will help promote the Cherohala Skyway. It will help inform and educate visitor's to what the Scenic Byway has to offer. The expected cost of the visitor center will be about $1 Million. The first grant of $683,600, will be used to fund the design and construction of the center. The county will oversee the construction of the center which is expected to begin in the Spring of 2001. The U.S. Forest will likely help fund the staffing of the Cherohala Skyway Center.


4 Die In Tellico Plains Murder - Suicide

Four people were shot to death at a house on Scott Street and at a nearby trailer, in what police say was a murder- suicide. The Tellico Police got a call at 4 p.m. Saturday that shots were being fired at a Scott Street house. When officers arrived after receiving a call from a neighbor. Cleo Colvin, 60, had shot 3 men and his live-in girlfriend. Police found 2 men on the ground and 1 man in a truck, all shot. They also found Colvin's girlfriend, Mary Ann Presley, 41, inside her car. She had been shot and wrecked as she was driving away. Miss Presley died from 2 gunshot wounds. So did 31-year-old Ronald Scott Guilliaems, Garland Charles Stamey, 59. Tommy Stamey, 30 was flown to UT Medical Center, where he's in critical condition. 

According to Police Colvin apparently became upset because Miss Presley was moving out. He shot her and the three men who were helping her make the move. After the shootings Colvin fled to a neighbors trailer and went to a back bedroom where two shots rang out as Chief Arlie French and Officer Chris Crowder arrived on foot. One shot ricocheted out of the trailer and hit a patrol car. The other shot that killed Colvin came through the trailer and narrowly missed Officer Jason Garren, who was arriving as backup. Colvin died instantly, Stamey was pronounced dead at the scene. Presley and Guilliaems were rushed to Sweetwater Hospital and pronounced dead. Charles Stamey was the brother of former Mayor Sam Stamey.


The Story Behind Gore's Near-Concession

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) - Al Gore set aside the stoic valedictory written for him by an aide and picked up the phone. George W. Bush did not take his call happily. "You don't have to get snippy about this," Gore spat. The acid of their yearlong fight - character assaults and name-calling, layered onto the Clinton-Gore defeat of Bush's father in 1992 - boiled over as Gore, in an underground office at the War Memorial, insisted that Florida's decisive 25 electoral votes remained in limbo. "Let me make sure I understand," protested Bush, his victory speech in hand. "You're calling me back to retract your concession?" Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, chastened on Election Night when it appeared Bush had lost the state, had just assured his brother it was a done deal. And the TV networks had already declared Texas Gov. George W. Bush the 43rd president of the United States. "Let me explain something," Gore lectured in a stony tone, "your YOUNGER brother is not the ultimate authority on this." The conversation, quoted to The Associated Press by two of the 20 or so people in the room with Gore and confirmed by a Bush aide, ended abruptly.


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