February  2001

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The Stokely KOA property on Tellico River.

Annexation Dispute Over KOA Property

   The town of Tellico Plains approved a resolution in December to annex 25 acres of Stokely's property that is under development for a KOA camp- ground. Stokely owns about 1500 acres around Tellico Plains. 
   David Buuck, attorney for William Stokely, addressed city officials at the last city council meeting. Buuck requested the town reconsider annexing the Stokely family property along Ballplay Road. Buuck said Stokely thinks a landowner should be able to choose who governs them.
   The alderman said they would like a meeting with Stokely to discuss the annexation. The officials said they welcome Stokely and don't want to fight with him. The Mayor said it would be better to work together.
   The town has agreed to supply city services to the KOA campground. Stokely has paid for installation of water and sewer lines at the campground. A second reading of the annexation ordinance was read. State law requires a third reading before the annexation ordinance becomes final.

KOA campground under construction along Ballplay Road.



Wreck on Reagan Valley Road near Moses residence.

Wreck on Reagan Valley Road

   A wreck occurred Wednesday, Feb. 7th. around noon on Reagan Valley Road. A small pick-up truck was pulling onto Reagan Valley Road, about 1 mile from Hwy. 68, when a car topping over a hill struck the truck. The car knocked the truck off the road into a yard, where it struck a tree. The two passengers of the truck were taken to Sweetwater Hospital, they were conscious but their condition unknown at this time.

This small truck was knocked off the road into a tree, while trying to pull onto Reagan Valley Road.

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