April  2001


The Johnson Mansion Being Torn Down On Tellico River.

Johnson Mansion Being Torn Down To Be Rebuilt

The historic Johnson Mansion on Tellico River was built in 1846 by Elisha Johnson. The mansion was damaged by fire in recent years and the roof was badly damaged. 
Dwayne Cardin said, "The mansion was in such bad shape, it is easier to tear it down and rebuild it." 
A crew has been carefully tearing down and cataloging the structure so it can be rebuilt in the next few years. It is to be restored on or near the original site.

The 1846 Johnson Mansion.



Homer Burrell is an Old Pro when it comes to finding Ramps.

Ramp Time In East Tennessee

The first few weekends of April brought out many seekers of the odorous wild onion, known as "Ramps." The slopes of Whigg Lead just above North River had many hikers looking for the wild onions on it's steep slopes.


Wreck on Hwy. 68 & Eleazar Road, Sat., April 14th.

Wreck On Hwy. 68 Involved Alleged Felon

A wreck on Saturday, April 14th. at the intersection of Highway 68 and  Eleazar road involved an alleged April 4th. shooting suspect. A car being driven by Travis Giles  was involved in a wreck with a van driven by a Reagan Valley woman. After the wreck Giles left the scene and drove his car down Eleazar road until it quit running, where he fled and left his female passenger at a nearby apartment. Deputies searched the area but did not find Giles. The Highway Patrol is going to charge the alleged shooting suspect in connection with the wreck and for possession of a firearm. 
Below at the top center of the photo sits the black car that left the scene of the accident.

The fleeing drivers black car sits in a nearby apartment parking lot.



Construction begins on the Veteran's Memorial.

Construction Begins On Veteran's Memorial

Construction has gotten underway on the Veteran's Memorial which will be dedicated on Memorial Day 2001, in Tellico Plains. Bob Gann and Dan Russell and others have been collecting  names of the local veterans which served in the armed forces and during wartime. The names will be displayed in Blue Marble around the Memorial. A dedication ceremony with many dignitaries will be held on Memorial Day.  
Below is a model of the Memorial under construction. Larry Walker, Earl Blankenship, Dan Russell and David Harris have been working on the Veteran's Memorial the last few days.
My Dad, Paul Waters, was a WWII Veteran and fought in the Battle of The Bulge, and was a POW in Germany for 6 months until the war ended. 

Model of the Veteran's Memorial.


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