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Vol. 9, No. 3

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September 2007

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 Town Square at the Tellico Plains
Fourth of July Street Dance.

Greetings Everyone...Welcome to the September issue of The Tellico Times, an online supplement to The Tellico Plains Mountain Press. The Tellico Plains Mountain Press can be accessed at We appreciate all of you looking in, be sure to come back often. We are adding a lot of new content as time goes by. Please view our Free Classified page. Page links are on the left of the page. The Tellico Times is brought to you by Tellico Web Design 253-5509.  If you need a Web Page or Photography services give us a call. We look forward to hearing from you. We are updating all our pages as time permits.



Welcome Home!

The Tellico Plains
Mountain Press


June 30th. 2007.








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Slow Dancing on the Square.



Local News & Events
Watch this section for local news and happenings. Also features on all those local characters that live in and around the area. We hope to include as much coverage on our town and county as possible. We will always give an independent and unbiased viewpoint! Email or contact us anytime.


"Swing Your Partner".


High Places
This section of the Times will bring you news, photos and information about the Cherokee National Forest and the surrounding natural beauty of Southeast Tennessee. Hiking and camping spots, trail information and hunting and fishing schedules and the weather for the Tellico District.

Town Square Dance 2007.


 United States Of


Statue at Market Square
Mall in Downtown Knoxville.



 Local History
Over the past 16 years the Tellico Plains Mountain Press brought you many history articles and photos from Tellico Plains.



Kayaking the Tellico River.

Area Recreation

Check here for coverage of outdoor recreation events. Anyone wishing to submit photos or information or articles, feel free to do so.



Search Our Site:







Country lane in Ballplay Community.

Uncle Clabe & The Pant'er
The Old Schoolhouse

Frog & Speedy
River of Dreams

Country Roads

Here we will display photography from along the roadsides of our special part of East Tennessee. Photos depicting the slow paced country lifestyle, things caught in passing on an afternoon drive. Everything from old barns and buildings to those unique road signs that dot the countryside. Things
which disappear with every
passing year...


Contact Us:

Be sure to contact us if you have any information, articles or photos you want to submit, or story ideas. We look forward to hearing from everyone.

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That's it from this side of the screen this time. See you next time. Check back often for changes and the next issue.

 Jack Waters
Tellico Web Design

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Watchful Deer at Fort Loudoun.

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 Watching the Line Dancers in
Tellico Plains, Tennessee.

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